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Man, 26, lucky to be alive after leaping off 100ft bridge while ‘bored in traffic’

A man was caught on camera foolishly leaping off a 100-foot bridge into alligator-infested waters after getting “bored” in traffic.

Jimmy Ivan Jennings crashed into the Atchafalaya River in Louisiana, USA, and was left treading water for hours with the current too strong for him to swim.

The 26-year-old was later arrested and has admitted he knew it was the “stupidest idea” as soon as his fingers left the side of the bridge, having failed to anticipate how far the drop was.

In a heart-stopping video, he can be seen running and launching himself off the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge on Friday.

Mr Jennings said he undertook what was supposed to be a prank after he and his friends had been stuck in a jam for two hours following an accident.

His plan had been to quickly swim to the shore and return to his friend’s truck – but has since accepted he is lucky to be alive.

“I started going under and almost drowned a few times,” he told the Daily News.

“I really and truly thought it was the end of my time. I asked God for forgiveness. I forgave everyone in my life. It was hectic.”

Jennings knew he’d made a stupid mistake well before he hit the water.

“We were bored inside the truck… I looked down at the water, and it didn’t seem too far,” he said.

Jennings described the excruciating pain after he struck the water before being left fighting to stay afloat for hours while he waited for the current to weaken – with no rescue sent.

He said he was “high on life” and “everything was going my way” when he took the foolish risk.

During the ordeal, Jennings said he was praying he would survive as he grew tired with swimming, spending almost three hours in the water, going under the surface multiple times.

Eventually, he was able to swim to a small island.

He then borrowed a boat and got back to shore where he was immediately arrested.

Friend Khory Vaughan, who recorded the video, told WBRZ: “We are familiar with the water and the area, but I don’t think he was prepared for what came with it.”

Jennings was cited for criminal mischief and criminal trespassing, according to St Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office.